• Tyra Foss

So what is creative communication?

Foss & Friends is a creative communication studio run by me - Tyra.

I help businesses, brands and people better communicate with their audience through digitally native content creation and strategy.

Outside of the marketing and communications industry, not everyone knows what creative communication is? And even inside, definitions vary from one person to another.

So in this article I’m going to break down what I believe creative communications to be, and why it is an important part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

What is creative communication?

The simple definition of creative communication is: the way in which you engage with your audience through creative forms of communication.

But to be honest, for me, that description feels a bit reductive to what Foss & Friends does.

Creative communication boils down to these three things:

Doing things differently. You are different, your story is different, and your brand is different. Creative communication allows you to harness that difference, using creative tools.

Building long-lasting relationships. Creative communication is a back and forth between your brand and its audience that builds a trusted long-lasting relationship, learning who they are and what they need.

Creates meaning in what you do. When online platforms are highly saturated, creative communication allows you to create content that is meaningful, and speaks to more than just a singular post.

So why is a creative communication an important part of your digital marketing strategy?

It allows you to distinguish yourself from the rest. Whether you’re an established business or the new kid on the block, you need to develop a brand identity that is different from others in your industry. That brand identity primarily comes from how you are different. So it is by harnessing that difference, using the creative tools available to us, that you can set yourself apart from what’s already out there.

It builds brand awareness and loyalty. The single most important asset a brand has is its relationship with its audience. In order to build this you need to know both who they are and what their needs are so you can creatively solve their problems.

When done correctly you will not only grow your audience, but build a loyal and long-lasting one.

It is impactful. Brands with no creative communication strategy often find themselves mindlessly publishing content into the ether with little/no consistent engagement. Without creating content that is meaningful to our audience, providing them with value, knowledge or entertainment, then we are not serving our audience or business at all. A creative comms strategy allows us to deliver intentional and meaningful content that is impactful and engaging.

In all, the value of creative comms is not to be underestimated. We need to go beyond the idea that by just publishing content we will see our businesses/brands grow. Instead, we need to be intentional about producing creative and meaningful content that will engage with and grow our audience.

- Tyra


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