• Tyra Foss

A hello, from Foss & Friends.

Hello and welcome to the Foss & Friends blog.

This blog is a dedicated area where I will share the creative communications advice and theories that Foss & Friends lives by.

You can also expect to see a bit more behind the scenes of what it takes to run and grow a creative communications agency and learn a little bit about me and the people I work with (both clients and freelancers).

But all that aside, the topic of discussion today is all about Foss & Friends...

Foss & Friends is a creative communications agency that helps businesses, brands and people better communicate with their audience through digitally native content creation and strategy.

Foss & Friends can help you leverage your unique story to grow an audience, and subsequently customers, that truly support and engage with your vision.

We offer a highly personable and collaborative experience - listening carefully to your story, learning about your vision, and putting your brand at the centre of what we do.

So whether you need help producing a podcast, creating video content, an image library, or working on your content strategy - then don't hesitate to contact us.

Foss & Friends is owned and run by me - Tyra. I started Foss and Friends because I've always been drawn to anything that engages my creativity. What began as a passion for writing as a child, photography as a teen and videography as a young adult, turned into my day job. And I couldn't be happier working with such incredible businesses to help them communicate better with their audience.

But I wouldn't be able to do any of that without the help of talented freelance video editors, graphic designers, and copywriters etc. I'll definitely be sharing some of the creatives that work with me, as well as others who I've been inspired by, within this blog.

Well that's a brief explanation about Foss & Friends. If you'd like to keep up to date with what we're doing, then follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn.

- Tyra

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