about me

I started Foss and Friends because I've always been drawn to anything that engages my creativity. What started as a passion for writing as a child, photography as a teen and videography as a young adult, turned into my day job. And I couldn't be happier working with such incredible businesses to help them communicate better with their audience in ways that bring their creativity, authenticity and individuality to life. 


So whether you are a business owner looking to better serve your customers/clients, or an individual needing help with a passion project - I am here for you!

- TYra



For me, creativity is doing things differently, thinking outside the box so you can stand out from the crowd and make stronger connections with more people. With the help of many talented young creatives,  I'll create content that set's you apart.


 I make content that is authentic to your voice. I want to showcase why your brand is special, and that is why you, your business and your audience is at the centre of what we create.


 I make content that has thought behind it. I value content that makes meaningful connections instead of chasing vanity metrics.

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