Foss & Friends is a creative communications studio that helps businesses, brands and people better communicate with their audience through digitally native content creation and strategy.

I can help you leverage your unique story to grow an audience, and subsequently customers, that truly support and engage with your vision.

I offer a highly personable and collaborative experience - listening carefully to your story, learning about your vision, and putting your brand at the centre of what we do.

Services include: podcasts, videography, photography and strategy. But if you would like to chat about any other content needs, then contact me.

- Tyra


Podcasts have become one of the fastest growing communication platforms for businesses, brand and people to connect with and grow their audience.

Not only do podcasts put you right in the ears of your audience, but a good podcast is more likely to be recommended through word of mouth than many other communication streams.

I have four packages available to get your podcast out there:

Launch My Podcast

Edit My Podcast

Publish My Podcast 

Produce My Podcast

Click here to find more about them.

One of the best ways to bring your brand to life is through photography. Good imagery truly makes a difference in elevating your brand whether it's for your website or social media.

So if you're looking to update your website and need better photos of you and your team. If you have an event coming up and you want to capture moments from it. Or if you have an online brand and you need imagery for it, then I'm here to help.

The services I offer include:



Event Photography

Product Photography

Brand Photography

For information on services, rates and availability -  contact me!




Videos have the potential to create real connections between you and your audience. 


Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook have started favouring video in their algorithm designs. So utilising video is also a great way to reach wider audiences.

There are numerous ways in which I can help you create engaging video content. You may have an event coming up and want to capture it for future marketing material. You may want to start an online series on one of your social platforms, to let your audience know a little more about you. Or you might already have video footage and want to compile them in a video reel of what you do.

The services I offer include:


Video Editing

For information on services, rates and availability - contact me!

Content Audit

Are you looking to create a content plan as part of your digital marketing strategy?

We offer free content audits where I will discuss with you your current content plan, how/if it fits with your digital marketing strategy, and my own suggestions.

Discovery Call

So, you're interested in working with Foss & Friends but you want to know more. In this call I can talk you through the process and hear from you about your own vision.

If you want to book either of these email me at:



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